Art of The Wire

Here’s a site that charts the frequency with which different words are used on your favorite TV shows, like The Wire. I made some to get us started! 

  1. The Wire became less about “the wire” as the seasons progressed.
  2. The people writing the closed captions gradually increased their use of “nigga” rather than “nigger” over time.*
  3. Omar was always more popular than god.

*As I always remind you, things like this are based on the words in the closed caption subtitles built into the show/DVDs. You might be hearing “nigga” all the time, but the caption writers didn’t write it that way.

Also: The frequency is calculated over a full season, so really there are only 5 measured points in the charts.

Couple of crime & punishment articles for you

I came across these two when reading about what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri. Eye-opening to say the least.

Get Out of Jail, Inc. Does the alternatives-to-incarceration industry profit from injustice? by Sarah Stillman

Taken Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing? by Sarah Stillman

Anonymous asked: Hi, nice page! I was just wondering if you could make a gif for S02E06, the scene at about 32:35 - 32:42 where Bunk is bouncing a tennis ball and accidentally hits Freamon in the head with it? It cracks me up every time :)

Anonymous asked: Hannibal, Rectify, and Utopia are the best shows on TV currently!

The best show on TV is The Chris Gethard Show.

More TV suggestions coming in

  • Anonymous says: enlightened (hbo), rectify (sundance), and utopia (channel 4) are all amazing and unique shows, highly recommended.
  • thehomeofhumour: After The Wire, I sought out something to entertain me similarly. Closest I could get were The Shield and Oz.
  • jakesalterego: Would definitely suggest you watch Terriers. It’s only one season because the world is cruel, but it’s so good.

Of those, I can vouch for Terriers as a good one for sure. Got a suggestion of your own?

thatguywholookslikeharrypotter asked: I recommend Leverage, a show about a bunch of criminals taking on white-collar criminals, stealing their money, and giving it back to the people from whom it was stolen, Luther, a British crime drama starring Idris Elba as a man who's a little bit too good at getting into the heads of the serial killers he's charged with catching, and Firefly, because everyone should see Firefly.

Luther seems good, but it’s too dark and disturbing for me; I gave up after a couple episodes.

Firefly is really fun. Fans always wish for more seasons, I know, but I can’t believe anyone even aired one season of a sci-fi space western.

I can’t speak for Leverage.


Wondering what else to watch after The Wire? I just finished the first season of Deadwood via Amazon Prime and highly recommend it. Great characters and absolutely incredible dialog. I know it’s an old show, but if you haven’t gotten around to watching it, move it up in your queue.

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Note: This works so long as I remembered to tag posts with The Wire, which I probably did.

Also note: You can adapt that URL to any tag (and any Tumblr blog).

Credit to this Gizmodo post for cluing me in.

The Wire on Amazon Instant Video

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Is There Hope for the Survivors of the Drug Wars?

[Fair warning: I haven’t read this yet, but people have liked previous drug wars/Baltimore articles I’ve linked.]